• Senior Coach Rhys •


Rhys is one of DGC's senior coaches, has coached for 12 years. Rhys has been a part of DGC for 18 years (is a Life Member) as a MAG, Tumble and adults gymnast.

In 2018, Rhys was nominated and named Darwin's Young Citizen of the Year for his involvement in the gymnastic community.

Along with his many gymnastic accreditations, Rhys has a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science. 

Rhys has the following accreditation levels:
- FIG 2 Advanced Silver MAG Coaching
- FIG 2 Advanced Silver WAG Coaching
- Advanced Power Tumbling Coaching
- Advanced GfA Coaching
- Intermediate Acrobatics Coaching

- WAG Advanced Judging
- MAG Intermediate Bronze Judging
- Tumble Intermediate Trampoline Beginner Judging

Rhys was the NT MAG Coach at the Australian National Championships in 2017 and 2018 and has taken WAG and MAG gymnasts to competitions in Singapore (Prime Gymnastics Invitational) and National Clubs in 2015 and 2018.

Rhys is also supervisor and mentor to many of DGC's developing coaches, and has volunteered as the Technical Director for MAG + Tumble over past years.

Throughout the week you will see Rhys coaching: 

- MAG Black level 3-6
- WAG White level 5-8
- Team coaching WAG Rose
- WAG Blue level 1/2
- Gymsports Development